05/14/2011 Spring is threatening

Spring has been slow in arriving in spite of several nice days. The second Filius is in the tanning booth, a Sanctus Seraphin model is on the bench and a Testore model  with the lightest back I've ever made is almost ready to close. A second trip to Italy was initiated this week and should happen in mid September. This will give me an opportunity to revisit the filius in Cremona as well as the other violins that live there and, even more important, to do more research on the risottos of Italy! Dan intends to go on this trip as well.

A Sanctus Seraphin came through a friends shop and I had the good fortune to sit and stare at it for a few hours. A wonderful opportunity and very timely with the first of the same model in the carving stages. There's no substitute for holding the instrument in your hand.