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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Portland Old Time Gathering


Andrea Guarneri ScrollHeading down to  the Old Time Gathering in Portland this weekend to play some music and visit violin shops. Traveling with at least four and maybe five violins so if you're in Portland and want to play one, look for the fiddler with too many cases. If you go to the gallery of available instruments you can see the one's I'll be carrying: Novinha, Quara, and Ela, as well as the two I usually play.






Here's the scroll I've been working on, a slightly scaled up version of an Andrea Guarneri  violin scroll to go on a viola.

Friday, November 20, 2009 Electrification

Steinberger Five String Electric ViolinFor the past ten or more years, I have played old time music on an acoustic fiddle while in my head I hear drums and bass playing along. One day recently, this Steinberger electric five string became available and now lives with me. This winter, I think, we may try out the fusion of rural Appalachian music and rock and roll.